Book Publication Order

Below is the order in which my books have been published. Please note, they are all standalones and though they appear to be in an order (especially the Windsor Series Novels) they can also be enjoyed in any order. Also, while The Puppeteer is not technically a Windsor Series Novel, I liked the characters too much to abandon them altogether so they do start making appearances in the Windsor Series Novels beginning with The Frailty of Things. (purchase links on the right.)

  1. The Puppeteer


2.  A Tainted Mind – Windsor Series Novel 1

a tainted

3.  These Sorrows We See – Windsor Series Novel 2

these sorrows

4. What Echoes Render – Windsor Series Novel 3

what echoes render

5. The Frailty of Things – Windsor Series Novel 4

TFOT Final Cover

6. An Inarticulate Sea – Windsor Series Novel 5 (est. release late 2015)