Social Causes

While I’m a firm believer in having a good time in the short time we’re here on this planet I also know that most women (maybe men, too but since I’m not one, I won’t speak to that) are multidimensional people. I love the ridiculous, but I also believe, as my mother says, we’re not put on this planet just to take up space. So what is this section of my website? It’s a few of the organizations my closest girlfriends and I care about. Follow the links, check out the organizations, maybe learn a thing or two and maybe even pass it on to other people you think might care, too.

Tamsen Schultz’s Org

Organization: Global Youth Connect

In 1995 I met an amazing professor at the University of Massachusetts. He was working with a group of people to pull together a small conference on preventing genocidal violence – I know, big topic for a small conference. Having lived in Hungary during World War II (and Jewish as well), he grew into one of the foremost experts on the psychology of group violence. I was hooked and he was gracious enough to let me intern with him and, in 1997, attend the conference.

One of the outcomes of the conference was the desire to create an organization that was run by youth for youth with a focus on the connection between people as a way of preventing, and recovering from, violations of human rights, including genocidal violence. I was privileged to work with some AMAZING young people (many of whom I am still lucky enough to call friends) and in 1998 Global Youth Connect was officially born. We ran our first program in 1999, took a hiatus and came back in 2003 and have been active ever since.

I am no longer on the board, but am a huge believer and supporter of the work. I hope you will take a look and maybe even share the opportunities GYC offers with some of the young people in your life (or take advantage of them yourself!).

Sarah C.

Organization: MotherWoman

Sarah and I met our first year in college and bonded over our love of horses. She was local and so when I went home during those long winter breaks, she took care of my crazy, wonderful event horse for me. We’ve been friends ever since and she is a constant source of support, love, laughter, and general goodness. She’s a social worker by trade and is very involved in many aspects of MotherWoman and its powerful work to support mothers.


Organization: Best Friends Animal Society

Angel, as I call her, and I met our second year in college. She is crazy smart and kind of intimidated the rest of us by the fact that she started college when she was sixteen. All these years later, I’m grateful every day that we didn’t let that intimidate us for long! In addition to being a Ph.D. in the making, Angel is one of my, what we call, mountain movers – if we need each other, we’ll move mountains to be there (Sarah C., too!). So she’s smart, loving, funny, loves to have a good time, a world traveler, and yes, she loves animals, too and has fostered so many over the years I can’t even keep count. I’m glad she’s one of my mountain movers or I might have to hate her a little. Here is what she says about BFAS:

“Above everything else, I believe in kindness and I love Best Friends Animal Society (and my closest friends!) because they extend that philosophy to include animals. BFAS has the vision of a world with no more homeless pets, and their innovative programs have made incredible strides toward that seemingly impossible goal. Their huge no-kill animal sanctuary is based in southern Utah, and their programs reach nationally through investment, capacity building, training and support of other organizations who share their mission. They are out to change the world for domestic animals, and given a little more time and a little more support, they may just do it!”