Cooking Around the World

A few months ago, my youngest son decided he wanted to cook food from around the world. If you follow me on Facebook, you would have seen pictures of the Chinese dumpling soup he made as well as the Turkish pizza and Irish lamb stew. Well, I’ve moved my pictures and comments to my blog as it looks like this cooking thing will be an ongoing adventure and I thought it would be more fun here where I can add some of the backstory, our experience, and of course, the recipes. So, welcome to the first Cooking Around the World blog post – our first stop is Ecuador.

My mom picked Ecuador and Liam found a recipe for Hornado, a slow roasted pork dish with potatoes. The recipe we used came from a site called Laylita and can be found here. There are a lot of recipes on her site that sound amazing so don’t be surprised if you see it crop up again the future.

The pork has to be stuffed with garlic, cumin, salt and pepper and marinated for a day or so in beer….if you don’t like meat, don’t read any further as there will be pictures with big slabs of meat as the centerpiece. Here is the meat-post prep, just before it went into the beer:

liam raw

And another….

Liam face

We marinated it for two days then cooked it for close to seven hours. Here is the outcome:


Liam isn’t sure


But it looks pretty on the table

on the table

All in all, it got the thumbs up from us and while the pork was good, the potatoes were amazing. If we cooked it again (and I think we will), we’d probably use a little less butter but that is really the only thing we might play with.

We are on to Indonesia next week…I have no idea what he recipes he will find or what’s in store for us but at the very least, we’re having fun cooking together!




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