Reflections on Raising Boys

I have two boys and I love raising them. They are fun and challenging and funny and sometimes sweet. When I get together with some of my other mom-of-boys friends we often have those moments where we ask each other “what is that all about” when talking about some of our boys’ activities. So to bring some levity to your day, below are some of those moments highlighted for your entertainment. If you have boys, or know boys, or spend any time with boys, let me know if I missed anything 🙂

1)      You do not have a single clean door jam in the house. For some reason, as soon as they are able, boys have a compulsive need to slap the top of every door jam they ever walk through.

2)      You cannot get through a family dinner without bodily functions being brought into the conversation in some way – usually farts. Or burping.

3)      You never have a ball, any kind of ball (though not the personal kind), that has not been tossed, thrown, juggled, kicked, hit, pelted, rolled or bounced. It’s just not possible to have boys and balls in the same vicinity without one of these things happening.

4)      Your house is never quiet when they are home. It just isn’t.

5)      You still feel shocked that the 18 inch little baby you held in one hand now towers over you and calls you “little mommy.” (And you kind of like it.)

6)      You don’t wonder if caveman tendencies, like eating with hands or bathing, are nature or nurture.

7)      You realize that there are some things you will just never understand. Like why long pants are treated as if Rumpelstiltskin hired Satan to sew them and they are the product of the devil and should thus never be worn.

8)      You always feel that little kernel of happiness in your chest – that little feeling of maybe you’ve done something right – every time you hear your sons having a real conversation like the friends you hope they will continue to be into their adulthood

9)      You never know exactly how that cabinet or cupboard or front door got opened. Again. It’s probably some boy-superpower that just opens doors as they walk by. But you’ll never know for sure.

10)   You never get asked a question once. You get asked at least seventeen times because they are practicing their selective hearing skills so they can excel at it later in life.

11)   That “aha” moment when your boys realize the truth of cause-and-effect? That never happens. Unless it involves fire.

12)   You never feel anything that feels quite as special as a hug from your son.