Knives, Chickens, and Knitting – All in a Day’s Lesson

My kids go to a Waldorf school and I like it, I really do. But there’s no getting around the fact that it’s a different experience than other public or main-stream college prep schools. In the spirit of good fun, here are some observations based on our experience.

You know you’re a Waldorf parent when:

  1. The conversation during carpool is about seaweed snacks and what’s new at the co-op
  2. You know the difference between eurhythmy and The Eurythmics
  3. MLB has nothing to do with baseball
  4. Everyone hugs everyone all the time
  5. Your kids have chickens at school
  6. At any given time during the school day there will be about a half a dozen kids in trees
  7. Your seven year old knows how to use a knife
  8. The basketball team has to delay their practice until the fiddlers are done
  9. Your kids listen to/sing along with Eminem while they knit

It’s almost as eclectic as I am.